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Keno is a lottery game that is very popular in New Zealand and is played four times during the day: 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 6 pm. This is one of the major attractions of this game. You have four chances each day to play it your way and win. You also have free rein to decide how you want to play, whether with short odds or longer odds, for a higher winning chance. It is an active and exciting game that can be played for at least $1 per line.

Gambler marking numbers in lottery tickets.

In this game, there are eighty numbers; with each draw, players are to pick twenty numbers randomly. With just $1, you can win thousands of dollars on this Keno game and become an instant millionaire. Here is helpful information on this lottery game and how to get good keno results.

Learn All About Keno NZ With Us

In Keno, you can decide to choose between one and ten numbers. Whichever number you choose will affect your odds and the minimum number of matches required to earn a prize. The total number of possibilities is eighty, and Keno draws twenty. The aim of this game is for you to match the minimum paying number for the sequence you choose.

Like every other lottery game, the more games you match, the better your chances of winning. However, the more games you progressively try to match, the more difficult it is to get the correct sequence. Keno in New Zealand has a long history, dating back to the early 1990s when it was first introduced. Since then, the game has grown in popularity, thanks in part to the wide availability of online and offline Keno games.

Overall, it is a fun and exciting game that offers players the chance to win big prizes with just a small wager. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, it is definitely worth trying out in New Zealand.

Instant Kiwi

History of Keno in NZ

Keno in NZ is part bingo, part lottery. It is the fourth game added to the NZ lottery commissions for Kiwis. This was held on August 1st, 1987, and has since paid thousands of dollars to Kiwis. In 1999, shortly after, scratch cards were introduced. In Keno, draws are held four times a day, and you have to correctly guess ten numbers from the twenty you picked during your initial draw.

Not many changes have been made to the game since its launch, but some years ago, New Zealanders could only play it twice daily. Now, it’s available to be played four consecutive times. Also, in 2019, the multiplier feature was added, which you can purchase by doubling your betting amount. Once this is done, any win you record can be multiplied by up to 10x.

How to Play Keno in New Zealand

For Kiwis who are feeling very lucky and want to try this game, we will show you how to play this game to get a great result. Check the following guidelines for step-by-step instructions on New Zealand Keno play.

Major Ways to Play Keno NZ

Playing starts with getting a ticket, and then choosing your sequence of numbers. However, after your purchase, there are three major ways by which this number sequence can be chosen.

Firstly, there’s the Dip. This is the least complicated way to play. After you’ve bought the ticket and have access to the number field, just click Dip, and random numbers will be selected for you. Another way is by picking your numbers yourself.

From the eight-number range, manually choose how much you want to bet per line and how many numbers you want to select between one and ten. The third way is to save your ticket as a favourite. This way, the next ticket you purchase can be played in the same number sequence.

Partners Around the World

Keno is a very popular and international game. We have therefore published Keno websites in other countries in the world to create more awareness of the game. Each of these websites explains how Keno is played in that specific country. Here you can find the links to the other Keno websites in our network.

Denmark: Kenotal.dk – Sweden: Kenoresultat.net – Norway: Kenoresultater.com – Finland: Kenonumerot.fi

Tracking Your Winning Numbers

With so many balls drawn in each game, it can be hard to have keep a monitor on previous keno results. Luckily Keno has made it easy to keep track of your winning numbers. Website and MyLotto App users can easily check winning numbers from previous draws they entered into. There is also the option to create a ‘Favourite’ and save your lucky numbers for next time.

Mastering the Art of Number Selection

When buying your Keno ticket, you need to decide how many numbers to pick and how much to wager. It is this formula that will determine your odds of a win, and how much your prize will be. For example, you can win if you match 3 balls after only choosing 6 yourself. But only matching 3 balls if you chose 7 to 10 numbers yourself won’t equal a win. The fact the player decides how many numbers to pick is what makes Keno unique.

Insights, Tips, and More

Different number selections carry different odds and payouts, so take note of the Match/Win table before you purchase your ticket to check your potential winnings. Remember, you can enter a Keno game right up to the time of the draw and then immediately start playing the next draw. This also means you never have to wait long to find out if you’ve won. Finally, don’t forget Keno has tools available to support playing smart, including the ability to set spending limits. The most important tip is to play responsibly and only bet within your limits.

MyLotto App

The MyLotto app is a great way to stay connected to Lotto NZ and all kinds of Lotto NZ games, including Keno. It can be used to play on the go and save your favourite numbers. You can even use the app to scan your paper ticket bought in store and check your winner’s status. The MyLotto App is secure to use and available to download for both iOS and Android, offering a simple and convenient gaming experience.

Diversify Your Gaming Experience

Not only can Keno be played in around 1400 stores across New Zealand, but it can also be enjoyed through the official MyLotto App or website. There are also different betting options and modern twists built into gameplay itself. With a variety of ways to participate, you can truly diversify your gaming experience.

Keno’s Global Impact

Keno is much more than a simple lottery-style game. 100% of Lotto NZ annual profits are transferred to the NZ Lottery Grants Board and returned to the New Zealand community. This essential funding has made a positive difference to the lives of countless Kiwis all around New Zealand, with its impact extending to many different people around the world.

Understanding How the Numbers Are Chosen

During a game of Keno, a Random Number Generator is used to select numbers. This ensures that the Keno draw remains unpredictable and the potential to win fair across players. Once selected, the randomly generated numbers are compared to the players numbers, with matches leading to potential prizes.

Exploring Different Betting Options

Keno offers players a wide range of ways for players to wager their bets. For some people, the flexibility to ‘Pick Your Own’ is better. Players can choose which prize group, numbers, spend per line and draws they want to play. You can also select numbers that have special meaning. For others, the randomness of a Keno ‘Dip’ hits the spot. You choose how many lines to play, but the numbers are randomly selected for you. Either way there is always the option to create a ‘Favourite’ and save your lucky numbers for next time, or to add a ‘Multiplier’ and increase your winning potential.

A Classic Game Gets a Modern Twist

Playing Keno is easy and offers the chance to win big. There are four draws every day, with lines starting at just $1. However, the add-on feature ‘Multiplier’ offers players a modern twist to classic Keno and is a great way to maximize your chances of winning a big money prize. Using this feature, you can choose to multiply your winnings by up to 10 times – the higher the multiply chosen, the higher the potential payout. ‘Multiplier’ is available whether you favour a ‘Dip’ or prefer to ‘Pick Your Own’. It is an optional add-on and carries additional cost.

Exploring Keno Patterns and Number Trends

A game of equal parts lottery and bingo, and some unique rules thrown in for good measure, Keno players are fascinated by the patterns and trends that have come to define this game of chance. Whilst Keno uses a random number generator, some users will track number patterns and trends to try and gain an edge over the house. For example, some numbers tend to be drawn more frequently than others. This includes clusters of numbers drawn more frequently, also referred to as smart clusters. You can always check Keno number frequencies and previous draw results for more insight.

Showcasing Your Keno Skills

If you are looking to showcase your Keno skills, you could consider using the ‘Multiplier’ add-on feature to maximize your potential payout. Or why not spend some time exploring the different betting options available to you, including ‘Pick Your Own’ or the Keno ‘Dip’.


frequently asked question

You can purchase three types of tickets for New Zealanders and play them in different ways. First, there’s a dip. Here, your ticket numbers will be randomly selected by the lotto software. Secondly, you can manually pick your numbers by selecting twenty from the number field. Lastly, you can use the favourite options by saving your ticket for later.

You can play with as little as $1. This is the minimum deposit bet with which you can play per line, without any multipliers or extra add on. A multiplier will also cost double your bet money because it effectively doubles your prizes if you win, which is why so many New Zealanders prefer to buy it sometimes.

You can only play this ticket if you’re currently in New Zealand. Unlike other lottery games, it is not open to players outside NZ. Even if you’re in NZ, you cannot be eligible if you’re not up to twenty years old or below. Make sure you check the right age limit with your local lottery authorities to ensure you’re on the right track.

The MyLotto App has a range of features to help players track their winnings at the touch of a button, including an automatic ticket scanner and an in-app wallet. The App allows convenient Keno ticket purchase in a matter of minutes, always offering the same odds as tickets purchased in-store. Not only can App users review previous draws entered into, but also watch current draws in real time.

With roots back to China, Keno is a popular game globally with international enthusiasts. With its simple rules and potential for big wins, Keno attracts players from all over the world. Given you don’t need to rely on a paper ticket to enter, its online and App accessibility has only served to open Keno up to a wider audience and increase its popularity within the international gaming community.

Staying up to date on all things Keno is easier than ever. You can follow Lotto NZ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the loop on the latest Keno developments, tips, and news or opt in to receive marketing communications.


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