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Instant Kiwi

Keno, Bingo and the Lottery: What is the Difference

A Guide to Playing Online: FAQs plus Key Differences from Keno

If you enjoy lotto games, let me tell you about Keno and Instant Kiwi, both offered by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission.

What is the difference?

Keno, introduced in 1994, offers four draws daily, 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 6 pm, ensuring frequent opportunities for excitement. Instant Kiwi on the other hand presents a range of scratchcards and online games, captivating players since its launch in 1989, when it replaced the beloved Golden Kiwi. Instant Kiwi Online Games are quick and easy instant win games that can be played on MyLotto or the MyLotto App.

It’s important to note that Instant Kiwi requires players to be 18 years or older, while Keno does not impose any age restrictions. Both games feature different prize pools, top prizes, and odds.

If you’re curious to learn more about the intricacies of these games, dive into the comprehensive FAQ section about Keno on keno results, continue reading to learn all about how to play Instant Kiwi Online. Expand your knowledge and make informed decisions about your gaming preferences. Let the games begin!

Instant Kiwi

Playing the games

Who can play Instant Kiwi Online games?

To play Instant Kiwi Online games, you must be a fully registered MyLotto player and 18 years of age or older.

When can I play Instant Kiwi Online games on MyLotto?

You can play Instant Kiwi Online games daily between 6:30am and 10:10pm.

Can I try an Instant Kiwi Online game before I purchase it?

Yes! All Instant Kiwi Online games have a “Try Now” option. You can try a demo version of the game without any money being deducted from your account. However, demo winnings are not awarded.

Can I cancel my Instant Kiwi Online purchase?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Once you’ve made a purchase, the outcome of the game is determined. Therefore, all sales are final. Please ensure that you’ve made the correct selection before confirming your purchase, as purchases made in error cannot be refunded.

Why has my Instant Kiwi Online ticket been auto-completed?

If you’re unable to complete an Instant Kiwi Online ticket, it will be automatically completed on your behalf within 45 minutes of purchase.

Why have I been logged out while playing an Instant Kiwi Online game?

For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out of your account after 30 minutes of inactivity. If your session times out mid-game, any winnings due to you will be automatically deposited into your MyLotto wallet within 45 minutes.

Instant Kiwi Online and In-Store games

Are Instant Kiwi Online games the same as in-store scratchies?

No. While some Instant Kiwi games may have the same name and a similar appearance across Instant Kiwi Online and in-store, they are separate games and have different prize pools.

Can you redeem Instant Kiwi Online games in a Lotto store (and vice versa)?

No. Instant Kiwi Online prizes (under $1,000) are automatically credited to a player’s MyLotto account. Players can withdraw their winnings by selecting ‘Settings > Withdraw funds’. On the other hand, Instant Kiwi In-store prizes can only be redeemed at a Lotto store.

Instant Lotto Game

Is the “Instant Lotto” Instant Kiwi Online game the same as the Wednesday and Saturday Lotto Powerball draw?

Nope! No, they are separate games played and claimed independently. The “Instant Lotto” game offers different prizes and can be played any day of the week.

How do I win?

The aim of the “Instant Lotto” game is to match your selected numbers to the winning numbers to win instantly.

You need to select six numbers of your own or use the ‘Auto Pick’ option. Then, select ‘Draw’ on the Lotto machine to start drawing the numbers. Match your selected numbers to the Winning Numbers to win the corresponding prize indicated in the prize table.

How much can I win?

The “Instant Lotto” Instant Kiwi Online game offers top prizes of $20,000 for the $2 game, and these prizes are always available at the time of purchase, regardless of how many times they’ve been won. There are also other cash prizes available to be won.

How is “Instant Lotto” different from the original Lotto game?

Lotto is the game that offers the biggest prizes. The top prize for Lotto is $1 million, and it is available in every draw. Lotto can be played twice a week, either in-store or on MyLotto, with live draws aired every Wednesday and Saturday on TVNZ1. However, please note that due to major sporting event coverage, the live Lotto draw will be aired on TVNZ 2 from July 24 to August 7.

The aim of the Lotto game is to match the numbers on your ticket to the numbers drawn. To play Lotto, you need to choose six numbers from 1 to 40 to make a line on your ticket. You can select your own numbers or use a Dip to have random numbers chosen for you. Each live Lotto draw consists of six winning Lotto numbers plus one bonus ball. There are seven Lotto Prize Divisions, with Division 1 being the top prize, won by matching all six winning Lotto numbers on a single line of your ticket. If you want to learn more about Lotto, you can find additional information on how to play on our website.

Spending limits

What is the spending limit for Instant Kiwi Online games?

The maximum spending limit for Instant Kiwi Online games is $50 per week. This amount is included in the total weekly spending limit of $150 for MyLotto. Additionally, you have the option to set lower spending limits according to your preference. To do this, simply go to ‘Settings > Spending Limits’ in your account.

Instant Kiwi

Winning a prize

How do I know if I have won a prize?

The result of each Instant Kiwi Online ticket will be displayed at the end of the game. You can also view the outcome of completed tickets by going to ‘My Tickets > Completed tickets > Instant Kiwi Online’.

Is there any skill involved in playing Instant Kiwi Online games?

No. Like Instant Kiwi tickets purchased in-store, Instant Kiwi Online games are games of chance. The outcome of a ticket is determined randomly by the system when you click ‘buy’ and is not influenced by the skill or judgment of the player.

Are all Instant Kiwi Online prizes always available?

Yes. All prizes for Instant Kiwi Online games are always available at the time of purchase, regardless of how many times they’ve been won.